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There really isn’t much point in having a website if it isn’t supported with marketing. Your website is a billboard – if you put it on a back road where not many cars pass, you can’t expect it to bring in any business. You need your billboard on the motorway with lots of passing traffic.

Website marketing can start offline with your web address appearing on your car, outdoor signs, business cards, caps and clothing, letterhead and so forth but more likely it involves online marketing activities such as getting backlinks, writing blog articles, social networking posts, building directory listings and Google Adwords.

The best mix of marketing activities depends on how old or new the site is, where the customers come from (geography), how much competition there is around the product or service, and of course, what the budget is.

If a website is new it sometimes needs immediate marketing support with a 3 to 6 month Google Adwords campaign.

Generally, in the first instance, Host Here will guide you towards free ways to promote your site. But sometimes advertising on Google or Facebook might be required.

How Here staff are available to discuss and guide you in your web marketing approach. Particularly what NOT to spend money on. This discussion, however, does not constitute advice. All decisions are your own.

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