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Get answers to all your questions about web design and hosting here.

Do I own the website?

You own what you supply – logo, pictures and text. We own what we supply – custom design. The website is run on open-source software (WordPress), so neither you or us own that. However, should you wish to move to another supplier, and provided you have no amounts outstanding, we will facilitate the move.

Will I come up number one on Google?

No, that is very unlikely at first. However, we advise on web marketing and on this web site you will find many resources on getting your website noticed by Google.

Will my website be secure?

Yes, we run all our customer’s sites under HTTPS, and not HTTP, meaning all data between the client and server is encrypted and kept away from prying eyes. This means all WordPress logins, form submissions and mouse clicks are all hidden from view, making the web safer and more reliable for everyone.

Will I be able to get website traffic statistics?

Yes, when we make your site we will create a Google Analytics Account and connect it to your website. Then we will set up monthly reports to be sent to your mailbox as a PDF. This way you can track important data about your site like where people come from, how many visitors you had and so on. Analytics is great to see what return on investment you are getting on your Adwords, Facebook or LinkedIn ad campaigns.

Who will write the text for my website?

Generally the website owner makes the first attempt at this, and we tweak their text to meet SEO requirements for each page. However, sometimes people just can’t or won’t write in which case we either author the text ourselves or send it to a copywriter. Charges apply in those cases. Read more about website inputs here.

I don’t have website photography, is that a problem?

No problem, we can either take pictures for you or buy them in. See our photography page for more details. We buy stock images for our clients from Istock Photo. We purchase from the “essentials” catalogue to keep prices down.

I don’t have a business logo, is that a problem?

No, not a problem, we can prepare that for you. We have 500 sample logos on hand for you to look through to get some ideas. We can then customise one of these. We also make business cards and brochures in-house when required.

I’d rather you changed my web site, is that service available?

Absolutely. Priced at $85+GST per hour. We need 3 working days to turn around edits to your web site.

Will I be able to change/edit my web site?

Yes, most definitely. You will have the world’s most installed and generally awesome software to manage your site. Additionally we price in training into each quote for a new website so you are not left to fend for yourself once the site goes live.

How long does it take to make a web site?

That very much depends on you. If you are well organised and have all your inputs – text, pictures, logo – to us at one time at the beginning of the project then we will only need 5-10 working days to deliver your web site. If you drip feed your inputs, it will take as long as you take to get those to us. The inputs we need are specific sizes and file formats, so please read our inputs page for the details.

Will I have to pay for support phone calls?

We reserve the right to charge for some types of support phone calls. eg. You request PC support or hardware purchasing advice. You require extra training in the CMS. You changed your computer and mobile phone and need email set up again on all devices.

What are the ongoing website costs?

You need to budget about $300 + GST for ongoing costs per annum. This is for domain name renewal and hosting. It excludes any upgrades, maintenance and edits. Domain names are licensed and require annual renewal, much like company registration. Hosting is a space rental cost.

How much does a website cost?

Cost varies enormously depending on the amount of content and the functions of a site. A basic information site with half a dozen pages, 12 months hosting and domain name registration can be as little as $1,200. An e-commerce site with many products, shopping cart and payment gateway can be over $4,000. Therefore each job is priced individually. We email you a quote that sets it all out and gives terms and conditions.