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For most people it is hard to determine what makes a suitable host for their web site from a technical perspective. Most servers can host most web sites so other issues such as getting timely support and in plain English may figure more in your decision.

For example, foreign hosts can be very cheap, but getting anyone on the phone during normal business hours and in spoken English you can understand is unlikely. Its more likely you will be consigned to an annoying ticket system.

Host Heres’s hosting is full service: over and above the basic web site hosting and email, you will have access to our SSL cert, webmail, Google Analytics, webstats, ftp access and control panel access. Nothing is left out.

Our servers use Greenfleet to off-set carbon (as web servers are on 24/7).

Kiwi Website Hosting

Our standard hosting plan includes (but is not limited to)…

  • 5 GB storage space
  • 15 email addresses, unlimited aliases
  • 50 GB traffic per month
  • Full FTP access
  • www.yourdomain.com.au/webmail to pick up your email from any Internet-ready computer
  • Web server statistics or monthly, emailed Google Analytics reports
  • WordPress content management system
  • Reliable bandwidth provider with redundancy built into Internet connection, in excess of 99.95% monthly uptime
  • Limited phone support
  • No setup fee providing Host Here registers your domain name
  • Fees for migration between servers may apply