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WordPress CMS

WordPress is the world’s leading content management system (CMS). It out-installs all other content management systems by a factor of 30 times and is projected to reach 75 million installs in the next 12 months.

“Content management” means you can login and make changes to your own website. Content management means that the task of maintaining and keeping the website up to date can be shared between the developer and the owner. Making the website more collaborative.

Typically the developer will do the tricky stuff like design and menu structure while the owner will keep the pages, products and prices up to date. But critically it means that the web developer is no longer the gate keeper of the website.

WordPress Advantages

One of the most important things about WordPress is that it is open source software and not proprietary software like other platforms such as Wix and Shopify.

These are the systems lock you into their platform and pricing with no easy way exit the arrangement eg. move between hosts.

That phrase “open source” means that the WordPress core software is free to download and install on any host that supports it (more than 80% of hosting companies will support it). This means that your website can be moved between hosts.

Extra Free Software

Another important advantage of WordPress is that there are literally tens of thousands of designs and extra helper software called “plug-ins” that can augment and improve the function of your site… for free.

The Choice or Marketing Specialists

WordPress is also the choice of digital marketing managers and SEO specialists. It’s very likely that if your website is not already in WordPress, if you engage with marketing specialist they will ask you to migrate it.

Mobile App

WordPress has a great mobile and tablet app that allows you to edit on handheld devices and on the move.