Terms and Conditions


HostHere is a reseller of hosting services from solid, well established wholesale hosting companies operating state of the art servers in both New Zealand and United States of America. HostHere does not have direct access to server hardware but maintains reliable support channels with the server administering companies. HostHere has operated succesfully and reliably since 2001.


All support requests should be submitted by email to support@hosthere.co.nz or via the online form.  HostHere will endeavour to answer queries within 4 hours during normal working hours 0900-1700, Mon-Fri.  Urgent enquiries will be actioned as quickly as possible at all times.

Fair Use

Hosting packages offered are generally limited only by content quota.  Traffic volumes, email accounts and processing, databases and most other functionality are unrerstricted.  However a fair use policy applies whereby if excessive use likely to impinge on other users or server performance is encountered HostHere reserves the right to limit such use and will discuss options with the account holder in question.

Innappropriate Use

Use of hosting facilities for illegal, objectionable or socially irresponsible purposes is not permitted.  HostHere will be guided by normal and reasonable practises observed in the community and internet at large and reserves the right to suspend any account suspected of innappropriate use.

Security and Privacy

HostHere will not disclose any information or account access to any party other than that expressly authorised by the account holder or as required by the law of New Zealand.  HostHere will not be liable for any security breach or information disclosure being the result of any use of the hosting account.


Other than regular backups taken in support of server functioning, HostHere is not responsible for the backup of any software or data held in a hosting account.  Under some circumstances and at a cost there may be opportunity to retrieve data backed up from regular server backups.  This will be examined on a case by case basis but should not be relied on as a matter of course.  Independant backup of websites and associated data is the responsibility of the account holder.

Accounts and Payments

All fees and charges are in New Zealand dollars and inclusive of all taxes.

Invoices will be issued periodically in advance of service expiry times.  Account Holders are expected to make payment against invoices within 7 days or no later than 20th of the month following the date of the invoice.  Reminder notices may incur an administrative charge and failure to pay before service expiry times will result in suspension of an account and possible loss of domain name registration if included in an invoice.

As payments by credit card or PayPal incur additional banking fees $3.00 will be added to each payment either at time of payment or carried forward on account.

Invoices and any other communications between HostHere and Account Holders will generally be by email.  Account Holders must advise any change in  email address or other details.

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